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Interior & Exterior
blue car mini detail polished shiny reflection

Nothing is more gratifying than seeing your reflection in a clean, shiny car on a lovely, sunny day. Even better, run your hands along the side of your automobile and feel the high-quality smooth paint finish. To acquire that new car feeling without purchasing a new vehicle, all it takes is a well-deserved exterior detail.

Don't forget the interior too! 

Our car care professionals will thoroughly cleans and rejuvenates the interior of your vehicle. From vacuuming to deep cleaning hard surfaces and air vents, we will leave your car looking and smelling like new. We use premium products and techniques to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and protection.

Why Mini Detail?

Your car's exterior is regularly subjected to various environmental factors such as heat, cold, rain, wind, and more. Although you may not see it, the effects of these elements can be felt on your car's paint. If you run your fingers over your car's surface, you may notice that it feels rough due to heavy buildup of pollutants. These contaminants are often difficult to remove and are not typically removed by a standard car wash. Therefore, it is important to invest in premium exterior detailing services to keep your car's appearance in top condition.

If left unchecked, these pollutants can seriously harm your car's paint and cause it to fade faster due to oxidation. Although they may seem like minor issues, contaminants such as bug splatters, bird droppings, rainwater, tree sap, and more can cause permanent damage if left untreated, particularly in Singapore's unpredictable weather conditions.

The Process
car wash singapore


  • pH-neutral shampoo

  • 2-Bucket Wash Method

  • Blow-dry Method

  • Windows & Mirrors

  • Cleaning of Door Jamb

  • Tyres & Rims

  • Clay Bar

  • Decontamination

Polishing Car singapore
interior car clean singapore



  • Protective Wax / Paint Sealant

  • Tyre Shine

  • Plastic Dressing

  • Rubber Dressing

  • Fumigation

  • Deodoriser

  • Intensive interior cleaning includes interior detailing of center console, door panel.

  • Glass wipe down

  • Thorough vacuuming

Vehicle Type Rates
vehicle car rates
vehicle car rates

from SGD $188

Sedan Car
SUV / Mini Van

from SGD $208

Mini Detail (Interior & Exterior)

- frequently asked questions -

Do I come to you?

No, as we’re a fully-contained mobile detailing unit, we'll come to you! We can service your car at your home, apartment, or work location. Just let us know where and we'll be there. We serve anyone and everyone Singapore-wide.

Does this include a wax?

This wash includes a spray wax that will provide a shine and protection that’ll last a few weeks. 

How long does the wash process take?

It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle, give or take about 3hour to 4hours inclusive of vehicle inspection. 

Do you need access to water or power?

Yes and no. We do need access to waterpoints but not power points. Our equipment are battery-operated. 

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