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  • How advance should we book for a car wash?
    Do refer to our booking schedule for our availability or simply drop us a text at 8198 1167 :) reserves the rights to reschedule or cancel the appointment due unforseen circumstances. When such thing happens, rest assure that we will let you know in advance and we will reschedule to our next available date.
  • Why do you take so long for a car wash/polishing?
    We want to ensure that the car is thoroughly clean and well taken care off. We do not want to cause any additional issues to your car with a half-hearted job.
  • Do I need to be present whilst you are washing my car?
    Nope! :) Once we go through the process of our services and also the existing defects of the car, you can head home and we will contact you once we are done.
  • Do I need to remove everything out of my car?
    It is recommended to remove everything out of the car to ease our cleaning. If not, most importantly would be your personal belongings and valuables. We will not be responsible if there are missing items in the car.
  • I only have water source at my residence, can you still do the wash?
    Yes we can. We just need enough space to do our washing and cleaning.
  • I park my car in a open carpark, are you able to wash my car?
    We recommend you to drive to the nearest HDB multi-storey carpark that have a workable water dispensing machine at the washing bay for us to wash your car.
  • Why do my brakes looks rusty after the wash?
    We use a rim cleaner that removes brake dust and grime during the wheel cleaning stage. The rust will go away once you drive and apply brakes to it.
  • Will you be able to remove stains in the car?
    Some stains can be remove depending on what it is and how long it has been there. However, there are possibilities of it not being able to be remove completely, we will let you know.
  • How long is the durability of your wax/sealant that you use?
    Wax and sealant are short term means to protect your car's paint compared to ceramic coating or even PPF.
  • I have a small scratch on my car, are you able to remove it?
    We can only remove superficial and/or minor scratches. Anything worse, you may need to get a touch up kit or get a repaint, which we do not provide currently.
  • I bought a touch up kit, are you able to help me touch up the chip or scratch on my car?
    Sure! We'll be happy to do so, however we are not responsible for the difference in colour after touching up.
  • What is a ceramic coating?
    What is a ceramic coating? It is a form of long term protection for your car from environmental conditions and make it look shiny and glossy for long period of time (with maintenance). Once it is applied, it needs to be cured which then forms a hard layer of protection on top of your paint.
  • So does that mean is it scratch-proof and I dont have to wash it?
    We would always recommend our customers to do maintenance washes for your car once it is coated to maintain the durability of the coating. Although it has self-cleaning properties, regular washes are still essential. The coating form a hard layer on top of your paint but however it is still susceptible to paint chip, scratches and water spot (if not maintain properly).
  • What coating do we use?
    Currently we are only using coatings from Gyeon -
  • I had done ceramic coating on my car, will it affect the coating?
    We are using pH neutral soap that do not affect the integrity of the coating. Rest assure it will rejuvenate the coating properties instead of wearing it down. We will not clay bar the surface of a coated car.
  • What is the difference between paint enhancement and correction?
    Paint enhancement/polish is a 1 step method to remove minor defects on your car. A 1 step service to remove 60- 70% defects. Paint correction is a 2 step or more method from cutting/compounding and then polishing the paint. This aims to remove from 80% or more defects on your paint. For worse condition, wet sanding is recommended.
  • Why is there a price difference from Enhancement to Correction and the different coatings?
    For Enhancement and Correction, it is due to the time needed to achieve targetted results that we promised. Enhancement will be from 6 to 8hrs and Correction will be up to 10 to 12hrs. The coatings are priced at durability and ease of application. From 12 months and up to 50 months.
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