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car windows cleaning

Glass polishing is like giving your car's windows a spa day. It's a process of buffing out any watermark, light scratches, etchings, or imperfections to make your windows crystal clear again. It's like exfoliating your skin, but for your car's windows. And just like how a good exfoliation can make your skin feel silky smooth, glass polishing will make your car's windows look brand new.

Vehicle Type Rates

vehicle car rates
Sedan Car

from SGD $150

vehicle car rates
SUV / Mini Van

from SGD $250

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I come to you?

No, we come to you as we’re a fully-contained mobile detailing unit. We can service your car at your home, apartment, or work location. Just let us know where and we'll come to you! We serve anyone Singapore-wide.

Does this include an interior cleaning?

No. Glass polishing & coat is a standalone service we offer. Interior cleaning will be an add on service. 

How long does will this process take?

It depends on the size and condition of the vehicle, give or take about 2.5hours inclusive of vehicle inspection. 

Do you need access to water or power?

Not at all! Our equipment are battery-operated. 

Do I have to be present when you polish my car windows?

Nope! You can if you want too. But we do get nervous tho in front of our clients. 

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